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Seven Books You Shouldn’t Be Without

  No matter where you intersect the field of human performance, there are certain books that you ought to seriously consider having in your professional library. I’m sure many of you have your own favorites and I’d be interested in hearing about them. Meanwhile here are seven that I personally wouldn’t be without. You’ll notice […]

Engineering Worthy Performance

I’ve been recently re-reading some of Thomas Gilbert’s book Human Competence: Engineering Worthy Performance. I have yet to see its equal since in the field of performance technology. Originally published in 1978, with a major revision in 1996, Gilbert masterfully applied the principles of behavioral psychology to the world of human performance. A key aspect […]

Other Perspectives on Training ROI

Different opinions make the world go around. Not a day after finishing Saul Carliner’s article suggesting that measuring the ROI of training is largely a futile effort and writing about it here, I┬ápicked up my June, 2009 issue of CLO magazine and read a couple of articles expressing a generally opposite view of the issue. […]