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You Say Evaluation, I Say Analysis…

I’ve said elsewhere that technology is flattening society and giving the individual more control. One impact of this phenomenon is increased customer participation in the product development cycle. And not only in focus group sessions, but through daily product purchases. Companies also benefit, of course, because they get real-time data on customer preferences so that […]

Engineering Worthy Performance

I’ve been recently re-reading some of Thomas Gilbert’s book Human Competence: Engineering Worthy Performance. I have yet to see its equal since in the field of performance technology. Originally published in 1978, with a major revision in 1996, Gilbert masterfully applied the principles of behavioral psychology to the world of human performance. A key aspect […]

Other Perspectives on Training ROI

Different opinions make the world go around. Not a day after finishing Saul Carliner’s article suggesting that measuring the ROI of training is largely a futile effort and writing about it here, I picked up my June, 2009 issue of CLO magazine and read a couple of articles expressing a generally opposite view of the issue. […]

Is Assessing Training ROI a Waste of Time?

  Saul Carliner wrote a thought provoking article in the June, 2009  Training magazine about the problems associated with attempting to measure ROI (return on investment) in training. Carliner points out, I think rightly, that measuring ROI at a course level is futile for a number of reasons. The one I found most interesting is simply […]

The Power of Social Networks

Social network analysis (SNA) has been around for quite awhile, but is enjoying new prominence due to the rise in popularity of social media. Keith S. Swenson wrote an interesting article in the April issue of Talent Management magazine that discusses SNA as it relates to organizational performance. In his closing paragraph, Swenson writes: SNA helps […]