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Be a Peformance Catalyst

Those of us in the business of improving human performance have a lot of terms at our disposal to describe what we do: Performance Improvement, Performance Technology, Performance Engineering, and Performance Support are several that come to mind immediately. I’m not interested in throwing yet another term on the pile unless there is some added […]

Other Perspectives on Training ROI

Different opinions make the world go around. Not a day after finishing Saul Carliner’s article suggesting that measuring the ROI of training is largely a futile effort and writing about it here, I picked up my June, 2009 issue of CLO magazine and read a couple of articles expressing a generally opposite view of the issue. […]

Being a Technology Steward

Any casual observer of current trends in the use of technology will notice some or all of the following: Content is accessible by everyone on an unprecedented scale Everyone can publish content It has become typical for online content to be updated frequently A major challenge for users is processing the vast amount of content […]

Is Assessing Training ROI a Waste of Time?

  Saul Carliner wrote a thought provoking article in the June, 2009  Training magazine about the problems associated with attempting to measure ROI (return on investment) in training. Carliner points out, I think rightly, that measuring ROI at a course level is futile for a number of reasons. The one I found most interesting is simply […]