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YouTube as a Performance Support Tool

I always thought of YouTube primarily as a place where quirky (often involving dogs or kids) and occasionally informative videos could be viewed (and, of course, posted) but I never gave it serious consideration as a tool for supporting performance. That is, until a few days ago. I am doing pre-work for a workshop about […]

A New Wave in Collaboration

  I recently invested an hour and a half of my time watching a video of the announcement of Google Wave to developers at the Google IO Conference, and I have to say it was one of the best uses of my time in recent memory. When it debuts later this year, Google Wave will truly […]

WolframAlpha: A New Breed of Search

I spent some time today playing with WolframAlpha, a relatively new option for searching the vast knowledge base that is the Internet. Rather than offer up links to various sites that may contain relevant information like Google or other mainstream search engines, WolframAlpha makes intelligent inferences about what you want to know and offers additional […]

Being a Technology Steward

Any casual observer of current trends in the use of technology will notice some or all of the following: Content is accessible by everyone on an unprecedented scale Everyone can publish content It has become typical for online content to be updated frequently A major challenge for users is processing the vast amount of content […]