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Being a Technology Steward

Any casual observer of current trends in the use of technology will notice some or all of the following: Content is accessible by everyone on an unprecedented scale Everyone can publish content It has become typical for online content to be updated frequently A major challenge for users is processing the vast amount of content […]

Twitter for Teams

By now, nearly every one knows something about Twitter, even if they aren’t using it themselves. The uses of Twitter are evolving rapidly and in a year, we may be seeing uses no one has yet dreamed of. But even now, uses are emerging that can benefit those of us concerned with human performance beyond […]

Leading Virtual Teams

As a follow-up to my Twitter post of a few days ago, I ran across an interesting article in Training magazineĀ about using social media to lead virtual teams–a phenomenon that is gaining popularity for a number of reasons. Most of the consulting work I do is with people I’ve never met face to face. Last […]

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